Wedding Invitations

You are getting married, congratulations!!

First of all, I want to thank your for considering CalliRosa for your invitations, a very special component of your wedding day. Since your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your lives, you will want your invitations to reflect that. Your invitees should instantly know that they don’t have just a normal letter in their hands, that this is something special. Alongside calligraphy services, covering your envelopes, I have the skills to take your invitations to the next level.

But seriously, why would you go with custom invitations?

Ha, I am glad you asked! I am a big believer in custom invitations, and I will give you a couple of reasons why:


For one, I believe your wedding invitations are some of the most important documents you will send in your life. It’s the first impression of your event to your guests. It sets the tone for the rest of your paper goods, and for your special day.

Second, a wedding invitation is considered something very personal to the bride and groom. There is no one like you and your love, and this is a once in a lifetime event. That means it is important to tailor your invitations to your individual needs and likes. I like working with my couples and design their invitations to their specific personalities and wishes. This to make sure they will truly be a reflection of the couple tying the knot.

Thirdly, It saves a LOT of headache. Take it from someone who has done most of her wedding the DIY way, planning a wedding is stressful. And if I could go back and delegate some of the many tasks, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Most couples will spend between $800 and $1100 on their wedding invitations, which should account for about 10% of the total wedding budget. Below you will find some helpful tips on what you can expect when selecting your invitations and how to coordinate the rest of your paper goods with them.

Keep your wedding theme (and location) in mind

Your invitations are the first glimpse your guests get in your big day. It will tell them if you have a big Gatsby styled wedding, an intimate botanical themed ceremony, or an outdoors Hill Country event. It tells your guests your wedding colors, the dress code, and usually reflects the number of guests you will have.

Before commissioning your invitations, you probably already have a good idea of the theme and overall feel of your wedding day. Let your stationer know what your day will look like. Pro tip – think about some significant details you might want to highlight. Maybeyou use your grandmother’s veil, your father’s cufflinks or maybe you are using a specific flower in your bouquet. Maybe there is another significant detail that holds a special meaning to you both. I can work with those details and incorporate them in your design.

Research your likes and dislikes

After your day has been roughly outlined, it is time to do some research! Have some idea in mind of what you want your invitations to look like. Romantic, modern, whimsical, organic, industrial, colorful, botanical, formal, informal: these are just some key words that bring to mind all kinds of different styles. Also think about the paper types you might like to use: some of my favorites are vellum and handmade paper. Gather some ideas and pictures of invitations you like, and keep them together, in hardcopy or digital. Pinterest is a great tool for this (check out mine for some inspiration!).  When requesting a quote, you can send me your inspiration so we are on the same page.

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Consider handwritten calligraphy on your invitations

Watercolor-invitations-detail-gold-calligraphy-deckled-edge-the-oaks-at-boerne-Wedding-CalliRosa-Under-The-SunOne of the things I love most about handwritten calligraphy is that it really raises on the page. You can feel it, it sits on top of the page, and it gives it a nice texture. It is truly magical. All of the calligraphy elements you see in my invitations I write out by hand and I am able to digitize them, but if you want to make your invitations really special, you can opt for handwritten calligraphy, penned individually to each invitation. Examples of this can be your names, the location of your wedding, the date, or something completely different! I would love to chat with you about different ideas, and to explore new possibilities! Starting at $0.75 per invitation.

Consider add-ons: make your invitations even more special

Wax-seal-detail-gold-blue-firefly-farm-CalliRosa-Ashley-MedranoThere are so many extra things you can do to make your invitations stand out. Some of the options: belly bands, vellum bands, ribbon, vellum overlays and so many more. My personal favorite: a wax seal on either the belly band or the back of the envelope. I offer wax seal services (including custom wax seals) starting at $100 per 100 seals.

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Complete the look: other components

Sometimes there is just too much information to elegantly put on your invitation. Think about hotel information, or a map of how to get to your venue. This extra information could potentially clutter the design. This is where other components of your so-called wedding suite come in. Ordering them with your invitations guarantees that everything has a coherent look, and can bring the cost down of printing. Below I have outlined some of the more common components of wedding stationery:

Cards to send with your invitations

blue-watercolor-response-card-Wedding-Invitations-detail-firefly-farm-CalliRosa-Ashley-MedranoA reception card can provide your guests with hotel recommendations, and overall useful information about the time before the wedding, like where the rehearsal dinner will be held. It can be especially useful when your wedding day spreads over different locations (ceremony in a church, reception at the hotel). It can also contain the URL to your wedding website, information on registry etcetera. Basically all the information your guests need to know, but you don’t want to see on the invitation.

A directions card is also very helpful and can be a great addition to your wedding suite. Go for something even more special and have the map to your location drawn out. This adds a visual pleasing component to your invitation experience, which you will look back on fondly. General written out directions are also great in rural areas, where there might not be a lot of cellular reception. Avoid guests getting lost, a direction card will keep them on the right path.

RSVPs have been a tradition that goes back generations. The abbreviation stands for répondez s’il vous plaît, or, in English, please reply. And even though we now live in a digital age, RSVP cards are still very much alive. Especially for formal weddings these are still customary to send out. Adding an envelope with a stamp makes it even easier for your guests to reply.

I design extra suite elements starting at $50 per card (when purchasing invitation design).

Paper goods for the day-of

Menus and place cards are probably the most frequently used day-of stationery. They are a beautiful addition to your dining table. They also give the guests direction on where to sit and what they can expect for dinner.

Program-rose-gold-calligraphy-geometric-invitations-CalliRosa-OlveraA program helps your guests navigate the day and let them know exactly what takes place when and at what location. You can also use them for just the ceremony, to list the wedding party, the order of events, and the music used. Programs form a great keepsake to look back on in the years to come. I know I still have mine, and I love it.

There are numerous other day-of stationery items that come to mind, but for more information on those please click here. 

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