Modern Calligraphy Workshops

Always wanted to learn calligraphy? Sign up for one of my Modern Calligraphy workshops in or around San Antonio! In this 3-hour learning experience you receive all the tools and tips you need to start your own calligraphy journey. Soon you will be able to create those beautiful letters yourself! 

Modern Calligraphy Workshops San Antonio by CalliRosa Calligrapher Wedding Stationer

I am a big believer in handing you the techniques first, and the project later. I have seen a lot of these workshops pop up where you are working on a finished project alone. And they are fine, and good fun! However, I really try to focus on teaching the skills behind it all, so you don’t end up with an artwork, without the skills to make something of your own. I truly believe in being (and staying) creative, long after the workshop has ended. Therefore, I teach my students the same, and a lot of them actually end up with a new hobby through this workshop!

Included in every one of my workshops in San Antonio are all the tools you need to start creating calligraphy. A dip pen with 2 different inks, alphabet examples, different practice sheets are all included in your workshop price. When on location, coffee, tea and some delicious treats are usually included as well! 

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Do you want a private calligraphy party? I organize Modern Calligraphy workshops especially for within companies (as a fun team building activity), or for your clients as a thank you. Please contact me through the contact form if you would like to schedule yours or would like to receive more information about rates. 

Modern Calligraphy Workshop By CalliRosa in San Antonio Calligrapher in San Antonio Texas Captured by Splendored Photography