5 reasons why you should hire a wedding stationer for your invitations

You got engaged, you said yes, yay! The venue and photographer are booked, you picked your wedding colors and the caterer is as good as chosen. Invitations are next on the list. But with all the invitation websites around, why hire a stationery designer (aka a wedding stationer)? I will give you a few reasons below.

One – A stationer has the experience and skills

If you want the invitation to your best day ever to stand out, be unique, fit your personalities and the theme of the wedding day, you need someone who has the experience and the skills to bring your vision to life. There are so many things that go into making beautiful invitations, such as fonts, graphics, custom calligraphy, creating a color palette, wording and etiquette, using design software, working with the printer, etc. A professional designer has the understanding, the skills and the experience to do all these things for you. They will make sure to stay within your budget, order the right amount of invitations, and stay on top of the timeline for your invitation, and so much more!

Sometimes a stationer has some extra skills that come in handy. Personally, I am a calligrapher as well as a stationer. This gives the option for custom calligraphy, either digitized (printed) or handwritten on each piece of stationery. This makes your invitations stand out even more!

A stationer also is fully aware and up-to-date with the latest wedding trends, and can suggest certain elements or add-ons that will make your invitations stand out and impress your guests!

Two – It gives you peace of mind and saves you time.

Wedding planning, for a good part, is lots of fun (think: cake tasting, dress shopping, venue visiting). But it can also be very stressful – been there, done that, so I know what I am talking about. So why wouldn’t you give some tasks out of hand?

When I started on my own invitations, I quickly ran into a lot of problems. From figuring out sizing, to using the right fonts, spacing, and wording, to making sure everything was in the right format for printing. Not to mention paper choices, envelope choices, and making sure everything formed a cohesive whole! Take it from a bride who did pretty much everything the DIY route, if I could go back and delegate some things to a pro, I would do it in a heartbeat. You also won’t have to worry about order dates, turnaround times and timelines – let your stationer worry about that for you.

Three – Your wedding deserves it!

Your wedding day is going to be one of the biggest and most amazing days in your lives, and your wedding invitations will be the first sneak peek your guests will get into your big day! You have taken the time to book the venue that best fits your vision, the most delicious catering, and picked out a cake that will sure impress everyone present. Why not put that same care in your invitations?

The quality of the invitations you get with a stationer will always, always, trump the box companies’ quality, and you have so much more freedom. You have the guarantee that everything will match: from invitations, to save the dates, response cards, and your day-of paper goods such as menus, place cards and table numbers, signage etc.

You want your invitations to create a buzz and excitement among your guests. This is the most important day in your life: let your stationery reflect that.

Four – You get exactly what you want.

When I was looking for our wedding invitations, I could not find even one that fit our wedding completely! Lots of designs that I sort of liked: the font of the one, the layout of another, the illustrations of another one. You get the drift.

A wedding stationer will completely design your wedding stationery the way you want it to look. You can use a Pinterest board for inspiration, or send pictures you have found in wedding magazines. You usually have a couple of adjustment rounds after the first proposals are received, to make sure everything is exactly as you envisioned it. Your stationer works with you one-on-one, making sure the end result fits both your personalities and the once-in-a-lifetime event you are planning.

Five – Your stationer can add elements to your invitations to make them even more special.

As said before, your stationer is completely up to date with the latest trends in wedding invitation world. They will often have suggestions to make your invitations even more memorable than you hoped.

But with a stationer you also have the freedom to commission custom cards to fit your day. How about personalized thank you cards for the people that have contributed in any way? Or a special message to your spouse-to-be while they are getting ready? A card for your mom or dad? A stationer can even design special vow booklets, to read your vows from. Bonus: they form a special keepsake to treasure for years to come!


For more information about my services, and how I can help your big day become even more special, click here. Ready to take the next step? Click below to fill out the contact form and get started on your wedding invitations!

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