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Elevate your brand and provide a unique experience for your guests and clients

Your business is amazing! I truly believe that. You work very hard to serve your customers and/or clients to the best of your ability, providing them with a product or a service that they so desperately need – and I know you are knocking it out of the park! I also know that nobody can do it all – and this is where I come in. I absolutely love championing on other businesses (it is why I lead a community for creative entrepreneurs next to CalliRosa), and help you put together an unforgettable experience for your customers!

As your calligrapher, I am able to help you take your event (or your brand) to the next level. Whether it be through on-site calligraphy or marketing collateral, calligraphy always makes those who receive it feel special and appreciated.

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When you work with me... get a cheerleader who champions you on!

I am not just here to do a job and get out, I honestly care about your business, and how my services can play a part in the bigger picture of your event or marketing strategy.

I think alongside you to create a sound strategy, if you let me, and can help you come up with out-of-the-box ideas that will make an impression on your customers or business relations. 

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Wedding Signs


Charlotte is the best!!! She created a sigh for my in home studio and I couldn’t be happier! 💕 She was very patient with me and when it came down to the size of the sign I had no clue what to chose. She drew up several different options for me making it easy for me to chose! I cannot wait to have this up on my wall! Thank you Charlotte!!!
- Laurie M.

On-Site Calligraphy

Event Calligraphy That Will Leave Your Guests Stunned

Event calligraphy is one of my favorite things to do! I love the interaction with your customers, and love seeing the looks of admiration when they see me work. Most people have never seen a calligrapher at work in real time, and it makes it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved! It creates a lasting memory (and physical keepsake!) for your guests, keeping your brand at the forefoot of their minds.

I offer on-site calligraphy services for your next event. Some ideas for on-site calligraphy: personalized cards, place cards, name tags, gift tags, notebooks, gift bags. I love finding something that works with your brand. On-site calligraphy starts at $135/hour (3 hour minimum).

Business Signage

Logo Signs, Banners, Menus, Table Signs

Every business has their logo, and having your logo displayed on a unique surface really catches the eye of passersby – incredibly important at your next networking event or conference booth. Having a functional piece of art made of your logo can be a conversation starter, and will ensure it leaves an impression on everyone who sees it!

Or maybe you need a customized menu board for your cafe or coffee shop? I can work with you to create a unique sign, that fits your needs and purpose. I love working on acrylic, but I am able work with you on your medium of choice. My signage services start at $100. 

Client gifts

Envelope Addressing, Gift Tags, Personalized Gifts

Your clients and business relations are always amazing, but sometimes they deserve a little extra attention and love! Calligraphy is a powerful tool to place value on someone, and being strategic in how you place value on people is extremely important to me. 

I offer client gift services tailored to your needs, some ideas: envelope addressing for your next event promotion, gift tags, escort cards/place cards for your next corporate event, personalized client gifts and client gift sourcing. 

Please inquire if you are looking for a cohesive design for all your paper goods – from marketing collatoral and event invitations to place cards and menus all the way to the goodie bag on the way out.

Are you ready up-level your customer experience?

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CalliRosa is a custom invitation and calligraphy studio serving couples in the San Antonio, TX and greater Hill Country area. 

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