About Me

Charlotte Rosales of CalliRosa - Calligraphy and Custom Design Ashley Medrano Photography

Since I picked up my first pointed pen back in 2015, I have not been able to put it down…


My name is Charlotte Rosales, and I am a calligrapher and wedding stationer. Together with my husband, Donny, I am based in San Antonio, Texas, and I serve clients all over Texas. I love creating unique paper goods, completely catered to the wishes of my sweet couples. This results in highly personal wedding stationery, cherished for years after the big day has become a beautiful memory, both by the couple as the guests of the wedding.

CalliRosa First Wedding Invitation and Envelope Calligraphy - San Antonio Calligrapher

I discovered calligraphy kind of on accident. My friend was not able to go to a Modern Calligraphy workshop, and asked if I wanted to go instead. I accepted. Ever since, this beautifully understated writing tool has had my full attention. For the next 6 months, I got a lot better, and I decided to design my own wedding invitation and do my own envelope calligraphy. For weeks I researched fonts, designs, formats, papers, envelopes and printing methods. The result: a beautifully designed invitation, completely catered to our personalities and to the style of our wedding day. Together with a friend I wrote all the addresses on the envelopes in turquoise calligraphy, and we sealed them with a wax seal in the same color. I was so proud of my work, and in me grew a passion for designing and providing great calligraphy.

Fast forward to present day: calligrapher and wedding stationer...


Invitation Burgundy Watercolor with Gold Calligraphy on Deckled Edge Paper - Burgundy Envelope with Gold Calligraphy - Styled Shoot The Oaks At Boerne - Under The Sun Photography - CalliRosa Calligrapher San Antonio

Now, more than a year later, my design skills have drastically improved from that initial first design. I developed my own style, which I describe as bold and whimsical with a touch of elegance. To my original Modern Calligraphy hand I added a more traditional, Copperplate inspired style. This allows me to cater my design to the wishes of my couples. I have experimented with different printing options and new papers, custom painting techniques that make every invitation different. All this to create  unique invitations that fit your individual style. For more examples of my work as a calligrapher and wedding stationer, please click here.


When I am not creating fancy letters or designing….

San Antonio Calligrapher Charlotte and her husband Donny on their wedding day - You Are Beloved Photography

Next to my love for beautiful lettering and paper design,my main passions in life are my sweet husband Donny, my family and my friends. I love spending quality timewith these people, whether we are watching a good movie or series (unfortunately we are binge-watchers), or exploring a new spot in this beautiful city.

I also love great food (yes, I am a foodie). You probably will findme at a new restaurant on a pretty regular basis, but I also have a passion for cooking and baking. I enjoy trying out new recipes and new cuisines, especially when Donny and I cook together. The last passion I will list here is music. And in that one I even have a Bachelor’s degree! Singing has always been my main focus, but have a little bit of skill in piano as well. I have tried to learn guitar, but I failed miserably. Songwriting is something I like to do as well, when I have time, and when I have inspiration.

I am originally from the Netherlands, which to me means I add a Dutch touch to everything I do. Orange is one of my favorite colors, I have a killer recipe for Dutch apple pie, and when you visit my Instagram page you will find a little Dutch fact every so often. I am proud of where I come from, and I will show it wherever I can.