Here to create lasting, personally tailored keepsakes of life events through elegant stationery design and calligraphy.

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One of my favorite things about my work is hearing about you. How y’all met, how you got where you are now, and your vision for your wedding day. I have not met a couple with an identical story to another!

Searching for my own wedding invitations, I didn’t find anything that spoke to me or represented our love story. Realizing that our story was unique, a pre-designed wedding announcement didn’t translate the excitement we had for our wedding day. Nor did it carry the personal impression we wanted our guests to feel. 

I am able to translate your love story and wedding vision into a beautifully designed invitation, or place value on your guests through beautifully written calligraphy. 

Hi! I am Charlotte!

In December of 2015, a friend of mine invited me to a calligraphy workshop. This afternoon changed everything. I discovered my passion for calligraphy and graphic design, right then and there. 

The planning of our wedding moved forward, and I designed my own wedding invitations. Zero design experience and no knowledge of etiquette makes it really difficult to design your wedding invitations, and I wouldn’t wish this process on my worst enemy. 

After our wedding in 2016, I took several courses on Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, and expanded my calligraphy skills. The name CalliRosa came to me while driving in the beautiful Hill Country around San Antonio. A combination of “calligraphy” and my married last name, “Rosales”, CalliRosa stands for modern, elegant design combined with a personal, artisanal touch. 

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Some of my favorite features

We have won several accolades and have been featured in several magazines and blogs, most notable 7Centerpieces, Wedding Chicks, and Wedding Wire:

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A Christmas To Remember – 2019 Calligraphy Ornaments Inspiration

It's getting colder here in San Antonio, and there is even talk of some snow for tomorrow! We are getting closer to that most wonderful time of the year: Christmas! For me, Christmas is a time to spend time with family, reflecting on the year we have had, and looking forward to the year to…
Charlotte was a thrill to work with! She's very patient with the design process, and had great suggestions and ideas. The final product was amazing! She puts great detail and care into everything she does and I highly recommend her!
- Kristin B.

Some Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am a serial creativist, with a Bachelor’s degree in Music. 
  • Next to creating beautiful invitations, I love experimenting with new textures, techniques and materials. 
  • Thanks to my creative grandmother, I learned how to sew, do pottery, and paint from an early age. Refinishing old furniture is also a passion of mine. 
  • San Antonio is my home, together with my husband Donny. We cannot seem to agree on getting a cat (me) or a dog (him), so for now it is just the two of us.
  • Even though I live in Texas, CalliRosa works with clients all over the US, and my work has made it as far as Italy. 
  • I can quote pretty much every line from HIMYM or Gilmore Girls – which often plays in the background when I am working.
  • I love cooking and am a self-diagnosed foodie. You can always wake me up for a good slice of pie or almond croissant.
  • When out trying new food or discovering a new place, my biggest pet peeve is spelling mistakes in signs or menus.  
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CalliRosa is a custom invitation and calligraphy studio serving couples in the San Antonio, TX and greater Hill Country area. 

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