A Christmas To Remember – 2019 Calligraphy Ornaments Inspiration

A Christmas To Remember 2019 Calligraphy Christmas Ornaments Inspiration Personalized by CalliRosa

It’s getting colder here in San Antonio, and there is even talk of some snow for tomorrow! We are getting closer to that most wonderful time of the year: Christmas! For me, Christmas is a time to spend time with family, reflecting on the year we have had, and looking forward to the year to come. It is a time for creating memories, appreciating your loved ones, and getting comfy and cozy in PJ’s on the couch. And what is Christmas without a Christmas tree with ornaments in it?

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Escort Cards and Place Cards – Etiquette 101

Escort Cards and Place Cards Wedding Etiquette by CalliRosa Calligraphy and Custom Invitations in San Antonio Texas

Today I am going to talk a little bit about two cards that generally get used interchangeably: escort cards and place cards. What is the difference? When do you use either an escort card or a place card at your wedding or event? We will walk through this as a part of our etiquette series!

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A Summer Flamingo Wedding Affair – Styled Shoot at San Antonio Zoo

A Summer Flamingo Wedding Affair at the San Antonio Zoo.

With summer in full swing, I thought it would be fun to share this not-so-standard wedding styled shoot series I participated in at the San Antonio Zoo! Today I am featuring the first of this series, the “flamingo shoot”. The inspiration for this shoot were the flamingoes (duh), and these fun colors make for the ultimate coral wedding inspiration. It is whimsical, a little boho, but most of all just fun! I’ll walk you through all the different vendors that made this shoot possible – cause this was a dream team!

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Etiquette 101 – Addressing Your Wedding Invitation Envelopes

wedding etiquette 101 how to address envelopes by CalliRosa Calligrapher in San Antonio Texas

You booked your venue, you have your caterer, photographer. Your invitations are designed, locked in and ordered. Now it is time to address those pesky envelopes to your uncle and aunt, who is a doctor, and your single mom friend who you invite to come with her kids ánd a date. How do you address their envelopes? Is there a correct way? I will help you navigate the tricky addressing situations today in our wedding etiquette series.

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Etiquette 101: Wording of your wedding invitations explained

You have spent hours on Pinterest pinning your dream wedding invitations. Maybe you have put someone to work to design them for you, maybe you are doing this yourself. But fairly quickly you are running into problems – how do you put all the necessary information on that small piece of paper?! The wording of your wedding invitations is super important, because it will set the expectations for the overall feel of the wedding, and the formality of it. You want it to be concise, not overly wordy and to the point. Below I will break down wording components, what to look out for, and give examples of different options.

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My Favorite Supplies For Calligraphy Beginners

My Favorite Supplies For Calligraphy Beginners CalliRosa Calligrapher Wedding Stationer San Antonio Texas CalligraphyWith the upcoming Petal & Pen workshop on the 20th of May, I thought I would give you a little bit of a sneak peak in the supplies you will be receiving! They are essentials that will help you kickstart your calligraphy journey, are easy to use, and, in my professional opinion, will give you the best results in the beginning. And if you can’t make it to the workshop, this might make a great start to your calligraphy journey!

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