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As the Covid-19 virus is keeping most of us indoors, we try to keep our most vulnerable safe as well. For these most vulnerable, especially in nursing homes, this most likely will mean little to no visitations for the next few months. Loneliness and depression among the elderly is already extremely common, and the restricted visitations won’t help.

Handwritten letters alleviate the sense of loneliness and isolation, and calligraphy makes anyone feel extra special. While we keep each other safe and healthy, let's not forget about the human connection we all need.

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Hi, my name is Charlotte

I am a calligrapher and wedding invitation designer in San Antonio, Texas, and I operate from my studio CalliRosa. My main focus in CalliRosa is to make people feel loved and valued. In my day-to-day I do this to providing handwritten calligraphy and bespoke and personal wedding stationery.

With these love notes, I am doing my part in making sure our most vulnerable feel seen and loved, especially in these isolating times.

How you can create connection...

Letter Kits

The letter kits come with a high-grade envelope with calligraphy-addressing, and a beautiful flat, deckled edged card, already adorned with your loved one’s name. 

The letter kit is ready to send, with your return address and postage already provided. All you have to do is write a thoughtful note and post the envelope.


Send Your Own Letter

I also have the option to send an (anonymous) word of encouragement to someone who truly deserves it. I am working together with nursing homes to create a database of addresses – residents who receive little to no visits at the moment. 

You can write a short letter, or even get the kids involved, by having them draw something beautiful! I will then send it in a calligraphy addressed envelope. 

Submit An Address

While this started out with nursing homes, these people are not the only ones that are isolated in this time. If you know someone who also is bound to feel lonely in this time, please submit their address through the link below. I will then add it to my database of addresses – free of charge.

Please only submit addresses of those truly in need of cheering up in this time. This allows these letters to end up with the people who need it most. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

How does the "Send Your Letter" service work?

I have created a database of addresses – people who are in need of a human connection, but due to the current circumstances are not able to get this. After you purchase the listing, you can send me your love note, whether it be a word of encouragement, an uplifting poem – anything! Once I receive your note, I will create a calligraphy-addressed envelope with an address from my database, and will send it out. You will receive a picture of the envelope once it has been sent. 

What will be done with submitted addresses?

Safety and privacy are two of my most important values and I take your privacy very seriously. I use the addresses submitted for 1 piece of mail. After this, I remove them from my list, and they will not be used for anything else. The submission form is encrypted – I am the only one with access to it. The addresses are used in a first come, first served basis, so in the case that I have more addresses than submitted mail, they will stay on the list in waiting. At the moment I don’t have an end date in mind for this project, but if I end up suspending this project, you will receive an email from me notifying you that I have destroyed the address list. 

Social media posts I post with these envelopes have addresses partly obscured to protect the privacy – or sometimes I will use fake addresses. In the photos above, fake addresses are used for example. 

Whom can I nominate?

As of right now, anyone can be nominated – I don’t ask questions as to why someone deserves a love note. I do want to ask for your discretion, and only nominate people who truly are in need of cheering up, who are isolated in this Covid-19 time. I started with people in nursing homes, but there are plenty of other groups of people that are isolated in this time. 

What can I write to a stranger?

Anything! These love notes are there to bring hope and joy to people who really crave a human connection in this time. Share an uplifting message, a poem of hope, or tell an uplifting anecdote from your own life – just make sure it is focused on the other person. See it as a conversation with a stranger, but on paper. You can even get the kids involved, and have them make some drawings to go along with a short note. More ideas in this blog post!

Do you make money from the purchase?

Full disclosure: yes. A percentage of the sale compensates me for the calligraphy service. Other costs involved are postage, shipping (in case of letter kits) and materials such as envelopes, stationery and ink.

Can I choose envelope/ink colors?

At this moment, all color combination decisions are made at my discretion. I have a backlog of pretty envelopes that I am itching to put to good use – and I guarantee you will always receive a beautiful work of art that is calligraphy. 

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CalliRosa is a custom invitation and calligraphy studio serving couples in the San Antonio, TX and greater Hill Country area. 

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