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In this virtual workshop, you will learn:

Virtual Workshops by CalliRosa San Antonio Calligrapher
I booked a Virtual Workshop and it was truly incredible. Prior to the class I received a kit with a lot of beautiful and helpful supplies that truly prepared me for success with the workshop! It was well thought out and personalized! During the session, I had access to see the instructor live go through the steps of calligraphy which was extremely interesting and beneficial. I was excited to [...] receive her real time coaching. She was able to take something that seemed tough and translate it to make it understandable. [...]

Calligraphy seemed scary and hard to tackle but CalliRosa Workshops gave me the basics and fundamentals that will enable me to build and practice and growth for this journey. You must go here if you’re trying to learn calligraphy! A lovely experience I’ll never forget!
- Jacklyn J.
Virtual Workshops by CalliRosa San Antonio Calligrapher

How this will work...

Available time slots

Add-Ons: Material Kit & Additional Attendees

Virtual Workshops by CalliRosa San Antonio Calligrapher

Material Kit - $25 each

While a list of calligraphy supplies is included in the workshop, I have made it super easy to get your materials just add on the CalliRosa Material Kit! This kit contains all materials you need for the workshop, beautifully wrapped (cause this is a gift to yourself!), and with a little snack to enjoy while you are learning calligraphy. When reserving your spot, add this kit on, and you will have everything you need for the workshop and will set you up for success. 

Included in the CalliRosa Material Kit:

The Material Kit ($25) is available for pick up from the Shavano Park area (San Antonio, TX) on September 25th/26th, or can be shipped to your home anywhere in the US for an additional $10. 

Virtual Workshops by CalliRosa San Antonio Calligrapher

Additional Attendees - $35 each

While it is great to get some alone time – I think we can agree that a calligraphy workshop is better with friends!  This is your chance to create some good ol’ quality time with friends or family: all while staying safely in your own homes. Even better: it makes your ticket cheaper!

For $35 per extra attendee, you can add people to your workshop time. Any of them have the same option to add an extra camera to the meeting, so they can get feedback while you enjoy the workshop together. You have the option to add up to 4 extra people to your time slot, whether it be a spouse, family member or a chance to bring the girls together!

The more people you add, the cheaper your ticket becomes, if you divide the total evenly over all attendees

1 attendee: $85 total    |    2 attendees: $120 total, $60 each   |   3 attendees: $155 total, $51.67 each   |   4 attendees: $190 total,  $47.50 each   | 
5 attendees: $225 total, $45 each

You will function as the point of contact of the workshop, and you can add material for each of the attendees if desired. You don’t have to know the total number of attendees when signing up for the workshop: you can add extra people (up to 5 total) to your time slot till September 18th.


With Covid-19 still spreading around Texas, will most likely not host in-person workshops for the rest of the year, as I don’t want to compromise on your workshop experience or your health. This is why I am bringing your experience online, keeping the option to give you feedback as you learn, and for you to share this with a friend/spouse/family member while maintaining physical distance. 

As this is an online workshop, you also don’t have to be in San Antonio to book a time slot! You can join in from across the country, and we even ship Material Kits anywhere in the US for $10. 

Registration is open from August 31st till September 11th, or until spots are filled. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, and a (non-refundable) deposit of $50 is necessary to save your spot. You can sign up for extra material kits and extra attendees till September 18th, with signed contract and full payment due by September 19th. 

Included in the workshop timeslot is 2 hours of personal virtual calligraphy instruction time, digital worksheets for you to print off and use during the workshop, and a list of calligraphy supplies, which you will need to get the most out of your workshop time. 

Available to add on to your time slot:
– Material Kit, which will have all calligraphy supplies listed on the supplies list already conveniently gathered for you, an extended recommended supplies list, and a snack to munch on during the workshop. This material kit can be shipped for an additional fee, for your convenience.
– Additional workshop attendees: 3 total attendees adds 15 minutes to your timeslot, and 5 total attendees adds 30 minutes to your timeslot.

As this workshop focuses on personal connection and real time learning, no recording will be available after your timeslot ends.

For the best results, I suggest having an extra camera set up, which points to your paper. A mobile phone in a (clip on) holder works great for this, while having a desktop/laptop/Ipad set up to view the workshop.

This is 2020 – I think we all collectively learned that anything can happen. There will be a make up session on Saturday, October 10th at 10.00am-12.00 am for those who cannot make it during their original timeslot. Keep in mind, as I will open this session up to others as well, there will be no option for feedback on your own work during this session. If you cannot make it on October 10th, your ticket will be forfeited.

Heck yes! The more the merrier (up to 5 people 😅)! After you pay your deposit you will receive an email with a link to add additional attendees, as well as extra material kits or extra shipping costs (in case you cannot come pick up). You have the option to add onto your session until September 18th.

Each workshop attendee should pay for an attendee spot. I cannot do anything to prevent this from happening, but I would ask you to respect my expertise and the time I invested in creating these workshops, and be honest about the number of attendees on your time slot. Extra attendees are priced very reasonably at $35.

Absolutely! However, I ask every person who plans to join during the virtual workshop be signed up as an additional workshop attendee. There is a max of 5 people per time slot to make sure everyone gets opportunities for individual feedback. To order additional Material Kits, please use the link in your confirmation email.

This is possible! However you will lose the feature of feedback on your own work, as I just cannot guarantee personal feedback on groups of more than 5. For the best workshop experience, keep it at 5 attendees max. Please contact me after securing your time slot if you’d like to join in with more than 5 – I am happy to accommodate, but like to be prepared!

About Charlotte

Charlotte is a calligrapher and custom invitation designer in San Antonio, Texas. She owns calligraphy studio CalliRosa, where she writes beautiful calligraphy on place cards, envelopes and wedding signs. She has been active as a calligrapher since 2017, and has taught calligraphy workshops since 2018. 

Charlotte describes herself as a serial creative, quotes the most obscure lines from Gilmore Girls and HIMYM, and loves to bake in her free time. 

Virtual Workshops by CalliRosa San Antonio Calligrapher

Virtual Calligraphy Workshop


Approximately 2 hours of virtual personal calligraphy teaching, worksheets and all the knowledge to get started on your calligraphy journey.

- Registration is open! -

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