Calligraphy is a gorgeous artform that is reminiscent of the good old days of letter writing, roaring twenties cocktail parties and glass chandeliers. It gives the recipient a feeling of worth, that they are special, because of the personal touch it adds, and because the amount of work that goes into calligraphy is instantly noticable. I offer calligraphy services from small placecards to big signs, as listed in more detail below. If you have a special request, or idea, please do not hesitate to contact me! I would love to see what I can do for you!

Types of Calligraphy

Before diving into the different services I offer, I would like to elaborate on the types of calligraphy that are out there, and the different functions it can hold. At present, I offer two types, or hands, of calligraphy:


My version of Copperplate, a style that is considered a little more formal. It is great for weddings with a traditional or formal theme, but is definitely also appropriate for themes with a more modern touch. It immediately shows the importance of the document in front of you. Also great for written vows, or quotes that hold a significant importance to you and your family.


This Modern Calligraphy script, considered a little more whimsical, will immediately put a smile on your guests’ faces! The fun, bouncy letters give the impression that the wedding, though beautiful and elegant, is a little more informal. This is a great style for outdoor weddings, country/rustic weddings, or weddings with a strong botanical touch. Also great for quotes to put around the house, that are meant to get some laughter from visitors.

Envelope Calligraphy

Your wedding invitations are some of the most important paper items you will send out in your lifetime. Your invitees should instantly know that they don’t have just a normal letter in their hands, that this is something special. Handwritten calligraphy on the envelope will instantly tell your guests of the importance of your event, and create a feeling of excitement and curiosity. We offer some different options on the addressing of your envelopes (starting from $2.50 per envelope):


This is the most common form of addressing, with all the address information neatly presented on the center of your envelope. Illustrations can be added both sides, to make your envelope even more special.


As an alternative to centered addressing, this style creates “steps” in the address, by starting every consecutive line a little further to the right. It adds a little whimsical touch to your envelope, which. This can be great, for instance, to soften the formality of Copperplate calligraphy.

Left Alligned

This is the most simple form of addressing, with every line starting at the same vertical line. This style is great if an illustration is desired on the left, to make your envelopes even more special.

Calligraphy on the names, block on the rest

This style is beautiful if you feel calligraphy is best used in moderation. The names are written in calligraphy, with the rest of the address alligned from the right. This creates a visual image where the names stand out.

Day-of Calligraphy Items

I offer various different day-of calligraphy items to make your wedding day or event even more special, from small, intricate details like placecards to big, eye-catching items like welcome signs. Below listed are options for various day-of paper items, but if you have other questions or ideas for items to make your day even more special, please contact me through the contact form.

Place cards

Whether folded, placed in a fold of the napkin, or written on a small tile, place cards can really add to your day. Place cards tell a guest where they are expected to sit. Adding place cards can be very helpful for a number of reasons. You can avoid an awkward dinner where there are empty chairs at the table.  Or where exes or enemies have to sit together. Or where groups of friends just clique together, leaving other guests feel left out.

However you want to incorporate place cards in your wedding, we would love to create them for you. Get creative! I love to help with custom orders so please inquire if you want to do something special (starting at $1.75 per card).

Escort Cards

Escort cards essentially have the same purpose as place cards (see above), but with one exception. They usually sit on a table at the front of the reception venue and direct the guests to their table. Escort cards can come in different forms: traditional folded paper cards, on tiles, clipped to strings hanging on the wall, the possibilities are endless!

However you want to incorporate escort cards in your wedding, we would love to create them for you. Get creative! I love to help with custom orders so please inquire if you want to do something special (starting at $1.75 per card).

Table Numbers

Table numbers guide your guests as to which table is where. Especially in big weddings they can be very helpful. Table numbers come in different forms on different mediums, the sky is truly the limit (starting at $3 per number)!

Table Signs (Bar/Buffet/Menu)

These signs are great for letting people know what they can find behind or near the sign. They are used for buffets and sweet/dessert tables in an informative way, but at a bar they can be used to add a fun little saying, adding to the decoration. Also think about adding menu signs on the dinner table, as an alternative to individual menus (starting at $20 a piece).

Bride/Groom cards

blue-watercolor-ombre-bride-and-groom-cards-calligraphy-CalliRosaBride and Groom cards are among the latest trends in weddings. They come as a set and are meant for a personal note to your future spouse on the wedding day. You and your loved one can read them in private, or out loud in public, incorporated in the ceremony. Bride and groom cards add a personal touch to your wedding day (starting at $12.50 per card).

Signs/Seating Charts


Welcome signs and seating charts have made their way into weddings, and they are here to stay! I offer signs of all different sizes on all different mediums, among which wood, cardboard or canvas (starting at $97.50 for 50 guests).

Custom Pieces


Have a great idea for your wedding or event, but don’t see it in the options above? We love to help with custom orders so please inquire if you want to do something special.

Are you ready to see what I can do for you? Please contact me through this form to start chatting. I cannot wait to hear all about it!