Seating Arrangement Or Not? Etiquette 101

Seating Arrangement Etiquette 101 blog featured image

Today in our etiquette series we are looking at one of the most dreaded tasks of wedding planning: a seating arrangement. At this point, you have already spent hours tracking down those last few RSVPs. The last thing you want to do is spend another handful of hours shuffling around pieces of paper on a floorplan. Today we are looking if you even need a seating arrangement. I will also show you how you can make one without spending a lot of time on it, and how to best deliver it to your calligrapher (aka me :)!) to ensure your seating chart comes out perfectly.

Wedding At The Hotel Emma – Acrylic Signs at Ashley & Matt’s Navy And Hot Pink Industrial Reception

Just before Thanksgiving sets in, I thought I’d share Ashley and Matt’s wedding day at the Hotel Emma with y’all. Because if this couple doesn’t fill your heart with warmth and giggles, I don’t know what will! Not only was their day filled with love, but also amazing design. I loved providing these two love…

Etiquette 101 – Addressing Your Wedding Invitation Envelopes

wedding etiquette 101 how to address wedding envelopes by CalliRosa Calligrapher in San Antonio Texas

You booked your venue, you have your caterer, photographer. Your invitations are designed, locked in and ordered. Now it is time to address those pesky envelopes to your uncle and aunt, who is a doctor, and your single mom friend who you invite to come with her kids ánd a date. How do you address their envelopes? Is there a correct way? I will help you navigate the tricky addressing situations today in our wedding etiquette series.